My qualifications and key subjects

As an interpreter I work for the police and courts in the Rhine-Mine area, municipal authorities (registry, youth office, foreign office, etc.), lawyers, notaries, companies and individuals.

My professional focus for translation work is on legal texts of any kind (contracts, court documents, official documents, etc.), IT documentation (technology) and annual reviews, HR documentation and corporate questionnaires.

From 1985 until 2003 I worked part-time as a translator/interpreter; since 2003 I have worked full-time, making every effort to develop my professional skills ongoing.

These are some of the training courses I have attended in the past few years:

  • Interpreting of psychological and psychiatric expert reports – Oc. 2022
  • Congress: “Sprache und Recht“ (Language and Law): Berlin – Sept. 2022
  • “Translating and Interpreting for German Courts”: - Dec. 2021
  • Translating and Interpreting 4.0: Bonn Nov. 2019
  • “Contracts: A systematic approach to translating them“: Febr.-2018
  • “Introduction to proofreading”: Apr.-2017
  • “Revising texts”: Feb.-2016
  • "Translation Cultural References” (Birmingham): Nov.-2012
  • "Real Estate Transactions in Germany – The Interpreter’s Role“: Nov.-2011
  • “Introduction to the civil procedure”: Nov.-2011
  • “Translating official documents in practice”: Nov.-2010
  • “Learning, experiencing and understanding English civil right” (City University London): 13-15 Oct. 2010

I have regularly held talks in professional events and published articles in professional magazines.

Talks and publications:

  • Article in “MDÜ”, 1-2017: “International survey - the art of asking the right questions worldwide”
  • Article in "The Linguist“, 1-2015: “Translating questionnaires in cross-cultural surveys“
  • Chartered Institute of Linguists workshop, Frankfurt, 2016: “International survey - the art of asking the right questions properly worldwide”
  • Chartered Institute of Linguists workshop, Frankfurt, 2014: “Cross-cultural surveys”
  • Anglophoner Tag Bonn 2012: "WORLD WIDE WEB – FRIEND OR FOE?“