Quality Assurance

English and German colleagues and qualified experts (also lawyers, IT-specialists, psychologists, and literature translators) in my respective areas help me to assure excellent quality by means of their expertise.

Ensuring the optimum equivalence of a translation with the source text and that it does not read as if translated is based primarily on my own linguistic and cross-cultural expertise, which always entails the willingness to research in-depth when dealing with complicated issues. Moreover, depending on the specialist area additional input from specialists is, however, indispensable when it comes to ensuring a high standard. Therefore, in addition to my colleagues in the BDÜ regional groups in Darmstadt (www.uebersetzer-darmstadt.de) and Aschaffenburg, my English colleagues in the ITI (GerNet) and CIoL (Chartered Institute of Linguists) are available to help me to polish my texts to the desired high standard; depending on the specialist subject and linguistic region I am able to turn to English-speaking colleagues and experts with the respective expertise (also lawyers, IT-specialists, organisational psychologists…), if required.

In order to ensure the quality of my translations technically, I use state-of-the art Translation Memory tools, such as: SDL Trados Studio 2021, ABBYFineReader and up-to-date antivirus software.

Using translation memory software does not mean machine translation. The translation itself is wholly my own work. What is supported by this tool is the formatting (on condition that the source text is in an editable format such as Microsoft Word), and the search for specific terms in other texts (concordance search). There are features in the translation memory tool for managing terminology, which enable me to create glossaries for specific customers or specialist areas. Therefore, I will be able to guarantee that the terminology is consistent in long texts or if a customer requires another translation in a specific area after a longer interval. The content stored in these tools remains in my domain exclusively and is subject to strict confidentiality.