My fees are based on the work/job you requested, such as technical translation, (certified) document, proof-reading or revising a text. Once you have specified your needs, I will provide you with a binding offer.

I can only assess the time and effort needed for translating a text after I have learned about your needs and have seen the source text. Usually, I take the rates of the German Law on Payment and Compensation by Judiciary Authorities (JVEG) as a basis. However, these fees serve only as a starting point. I also calculate the time and effort for translating the text according to its complexity and repetitions, and then adjust my remuneration up or down. A complicated layout of non-editable documents (pdf, jpg, etc.) and the way they will be used or published (print) are other criteria for calculating fees. New customers who will not be able to collect and pay for their translated document in my office, are requested to pay in advance.